Where to Use

The Gripple Garden Trellis system can be used on Clematis, Wisteria, Jasmine, Climbing Roses, Raspberries, Apples, Tomatoes and many, many more. It's ideal for espalier training too!


The system can be used on walls, fences and posts.


In fact, people have found so many diverse uses for it - even drying clothes!


The key to a good trellis is to have solid anchor points.


Fruit and vegetable Trellissing


On brickwork or rendered walls, vine-eyes are ideal. For best results, drill and plug the hole first, then screw in the vine-eye.


On wooden fences or posts, vine-eyes can be screwed directly into the wood or, where possible, go around the post.


If you have concrete posts with wooden panels, you may be able to screw vine-eyes into the frame of the wooden panel.
Dependent on the weight of plant, we recommend that the wire should be supported with a vine-eye, or something similar, every 3-4 metres (10-12 feet).

This video shows you how to install the product in 5 easy steps...