How to Use

A few easy steps....

  • Pull the nylon wire from the centre of the reel and thread it through the large hole in the Gripple tensioner, then through each vine-eye and back through.

  • Before the last vine-eye, using a Gripple tensioner, push the wire through one of the two LARGE central holes.

  • Then, thread this wire through the final vine-eye, and then back into the second large hole of the Gripple tensioner. 

  • Do the same at the other end of the trellis, and then to tension, either pull the 'tail' wire (this moves the Gripple tensioner nearer the vine-eye)
    or pull the Gripple tensioner along the wire (away from the vine-eye).


Hints : 

  • Extra Tension: For a little extra tension, use a pair of pliers to pull the tail wire
  • Dispensing the wire: Always pull the wire from the centre of the reel